Alan Martin, ASC President (Right), presenting to
Anthony Rabern, GA DNR (left), a $1000.00 check from
the ASC for the Fisheries - Striped Bass Program, at the May 9, 2016 ASC club meeting.

Anthony Rabern, GA DNR, stocking Striperrs/Hybrids utilizing the
Temperature/Disolved Oxygen meter purchased with the
ASC's donation. The meter is being used to balance tank and lake water
quality before releasing the stocking

Alan Martin ASC President (Left) presenting to Anthony Rabern Ga DNR (Right)
a $1250 check from ASC for the Fisheries-Striped Bass Program
at the February 9, 2015 ASC Club Meeting.
Scott Bailey-ASC President(Left) presenting to Anthony Raburn-Ga DNR (right),
a $2500 check from ASC for the Fisheries striped bass program,
at the October 14,2013 ASC club meeting.

We are very proud of being a part of $10000.00 hauling tank for the
GADNR to be used to stock stripers in our lakes. The ASC provided a
$3,800 donation and the remainder came from other Striper Clubs.

The Appalachian Striper Club (ASC), donated this multi-parameter instrument which measures such things as dissolved oxygen, temperature and conductivity of the water. It will help insure water quality conditions in their rearing ponds and in the transport tanks on the trucks as they drive the fry/fingerlings to the stocking sites.
Left- William Jabour (ASC Treasurer), Right- Ed Bettross (GADNR)

Hatching Jars for Striped Bass eggs.